Digital engagement has become even more important than ever and is vital for ensuring that all stakeholders and communities can engage. It allows us to reach a wider audience and important harder to reach groups. Whether it’s a social media campaign, online exhibition or information website, it is essential to ensure the best engagement strategy possible.


Having a website is now often essential to a project. It’s a great tool for keeping local residents and stakeholders updated, presenting new ideas, asking for feedback and opening a channel between you and the community. Consult Communications can deliver a website solution which promotes the proposals, delivers the important key messaging, provides the opportunity for online feedback and also allows rumours or myths to be dispelled.  


Of course, traditional engagement methods are still important, and we have Freepost addresses and Freephone numbers which can also be used. 


Whilst traditional exhibitions are incredibly effective and useful for the local community, online virtual exhibitions are becoming increasingly important, particularly during the recent Covid restrictions. These online virtual consultations, delivered through a project website, can be advertised through a newsletter or social media. An online exhibition can go further than just uploading exhibition banners with the option of having videos, a Q&A, interactive feedback options and interactive maps and slideshows.


Online resources are a great way of getting the silent majority involved and reaching those who may not necessarily take the time out of their days to attend an in-person event.

virtual exhibition.jpg


Social media is becoming an increasingly important engagement tool and makes interacting with harder to reach groups easier. We can target social media campaigns at specific demographics and locations to engage with those who may not normally get involved in the consultation process and influence these people into becoming supporters.