Stakeholder  Relations

Effective stakeholder relations is important to the delivery of any project. In everything we do, we use our years of experience and best practice to provide consultation and engagement support which strives to inform, gain feedback, build relationships and ultimately deliver the desired outcome.


Understanding the political context of a project is vital to securing the desired outcome. We need to anticipate all issues and utilise key pressure points. All the projects we work on undergo an extensive period of research to understand the political, stakeholder and resident motivations and how we can work with them to achieve the project goal.


Engaging with local decision makers, influencers and stakeholders is a top priority for all schemes. We work with all levels of local democracy, including, residents’ groups, parish and town councils, ward councillors and local councillors, the council executive, county councillors and even the MP to initiate vital discussion about the scheme, the benefits, possible issues and how these can be mitigated. 


Our extensive cross-party knowledge and contacts allow us to really connect with these important players. By striving to create a meaningful, two-way relationship and showing a wish to go above and beyond, increases the likelihood of positive engagement.



Of course, the priority is delivering the desired outcome for our clients. We work with local decision makers to ensure they are as informed about the proposals as possible and have all of the tools needed to support.


Through our personal first hard experience of elected representatives and how local government operates, we know what is needed. We know how councillors and local politicians work and what makes them tick and that demonstrating support for a scheme can make a real difference. 

Our planning committee support process can be extremely valuable and will give you the confidence that you're giving your application the best chance approval.